Maryland Youth Sports Alliance, Incorporated (M.Y.S.A., Inc.)

Thank you for your interest in M.Y.S.A., Inc.  M.Y.S.A., Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a forum for collaboration and communication for all of our member organizations.  We are a liason with the local and state agencies as they relate to youth sports programs. 

Current M.Y.S.A., Inc. projects include:

  • Universal background checks,
  • Coaches certification,
  • Development of league and tournaments among M.Y.S.A., Inc. organizations, and
  • Coordination as to the use of various county fields and facilities to serve the needs of all members.

M.Y.S.A., Inc. currently represents over 25,000 youth sports players.  To register your organization, please go to the registration page.

Welcome to M.Y.S.A., Inc.
Executive Committee